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Anal sex, a frightening and at the same time desirable for many. So I want to know its charms, to feel new, to feel the sweetness of what they say, the lucky so far not haunted by many women and their partners.

About him dream of not a few men, but not every woman can allow him these dreams. Anal sex is so close and so possible, yet so far in their expectations. Conventionally carrying a reputation as a dirty it can become an expression of unconditional affection and to give loved ones an incomparable pleasure. Each of us relates to it in their own way, someone secretly wants, but fear or something else stops it; for whom it is unacceptable and sickening; someone familiar, but did not bring the expected pleasure, and for someone and now it is an indescribable thrill and bliss.

The first and rarely the second, third and fifth time - this is the second defilement, and what is even more serious. For the first time, having experienced orgasm from it, next suddenly, nothing but pain. Unpredictable and dangerous it is of interest and stops.