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Can I have sex during pregnancy? Many expecting women, as well as their partners, doubt whether sexual intercourse is appropriate during pregnancy. This issue is especially relevant before the birth of the first in the family. Future parents are afraid of harming the or disrupting the normal course of pregnancy. With a normally flowing fetus, sex is even useful, because it helps stabilize the psychoemotional state of a woman, strengthens her relationship with her husband and helps to establish even more trusting contact in a couple. If a woman is healthy and the fetus develops normally, sex can not become a cause of miscarriage at any time of pregnancy (despite the fact that earlier in the first and last months of the "interesting situation" obstetricians tabooed on a regular sex life). And to lead a sexual life a couple can even up to the date of birth. If a woman in the early stages of pregnancy experiences toxicosis, expressed in excessive breast sensitivity, nausea, fatigue and anxiety, then, naturally, such feelings cause a decrease in libido. Later, when symptoms of toxicosis disappear, sexual desire returns, and sex life enters its usual course. In late pregnancy, the couple has to reduce the activity and frequency of sexual acts, change the variability of the poses and abandon all extreme. As a rule, these adjustments do not affect the quality of sex, and couples continue to pursue it with pleasure. In some cases, the obstetrician-gynecologist may even recommend sex as a means of approximating the date of delivery (for example, when the fetus is repaid up to 41-42 weeks).