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She's a Slut.. She IS a Slut

          Your whores a slut           She horde a nut           At my co-ordinate                 GPS           When I'm around? Your presence? Is never deeply missed           You think your girl has been faithful, but she's been having her weekly glitch           As far as my presence in her pussy goes, ya know, distinctively-rich!                 Sing for me bitch           And don't expect a penny           .. Do Not dream to be rich           ~•~           Nope never. Not on my earnings           I'll put your ass to work and cash my check.. Now you're learning ;)           Nah           I wouldn't do that           Your girls mind? It's more twisted and perverted than a avian flu vat           ~•~           Paying you would be like having a radio station of silence           If you get out of line and I have to put you back in your place ill use violence           Just kidding ????           I have never hit a woman           But when it comes to dicks?           ..your girl knows just where to put'em           ~•~       I think I can be well again     After this kink I will be galloping     But your shots feel like a pellet gun           I guess I should pause and reflect on the hell I've been     ~•~     Through and survived     Life flows so fluid, alive     Just doing the things     Ya gotta-do-to-survive  can be cruel in a dive           But when you bounce back,     You feel like a plane fully-fuelled up to fly     ~•~     School toilet swish     To boil a bitch     I'll drop a coil to catch     Feeling joy when you fetch     You get destroyed on the edge     Pushed through a void with a wedge..           ~•~           Trying to push me over     I'm dying please wish me sober..     Why am I Jesus the cobra?           If I have not recently told ya     ~•~     That your a solid friend I'm sorry     I'm sorry I missed both your calls,     We all are in a hurry     I won't forget us getting fukt up     But the way I recall still is blurry           I would always say that you are solid if there's a survey           When I was down and out you would always encourage me           ~•~           To bad you bring           A hatchet swing           That's a dreaded thing           Or you in my bed I would bring..           ~•~                 Your girl? She wasn't upset. Wasn't           In fact           She said           "Please tie me up with medical tape"           She jumped on & rode me like I'm a bicycle           & SHE WANTED THE-PETAL-TO-BREAK                 So I fed her my snake           I told her "I'm about to fuck you hard on the bed till it break"           ~•~           She felt my blast unload           My plasma flowed           Down her ass real bold                 Sometime I explode so hard that you will see a bright flash, then implode !         Anyways,..           Afterwards? It was CLASSIC; She glowed           ~•~           She's my lemon pie           & I'm her murrain                 So let your pellet fly           Your girl, has no class, when she swing           ~•~           I know what time it is     I live in a world encased with watches           I'm a survivalist     Living life at a steady pace, yet I'm cautious           Life has beaten me down in the past to the point I was feeling nauseous                 I know what the rush is           Your ho always blushes           When she touches'           ~•~           My thick member           ..when I pitch a tent?     She's a dick camper           ~•~           I swear I have more trees in my life then a FUKING squirrel           I love ❤  to watch them grow and blossom until they are ripe, it is awesome           And when your girl came over last night I stuck my pipe in her boosum               That's where i fuked her for 1/2 an hour till I could finally jism           So hold and trap that thought deep into your mind like a prison           ~•~               That I can look back and see I had in my life               I'll always be a worker bee ????  who abandons the hive               Rising up to all the challenges, as they arrive                         ~•~                       I'm a born boss               With a mind like a tour bus               ~•~               Allowing many to enter               This syllable vender               Willing to mentor               This feeling of center               Tuned in by a cunt hair               Consumed by thunder ...               I'm in a mood of wonder               ~•~               Time to get back on the road